Why should you join us?

In photography we tend to measure our success against those whose work we aspire to, or compete with, rather than looking at our own work with our own needs in mind…

I think we need to change this way of thinking. We can all be as good as we want to be, and this will be different for everyone. I have planned out this product photography course and provide monthly content that distills what’s taken me 30 years to learn and impart that to you in easy bite size chunks. This is so you can reach your desired standard much faster, and with much more ease and fun.

I have complete devotion to the cause of creating images, not only for myself but for others.  This course is giving me the opportunity to help you become a great product photographer if that is what you wish. Being able to pass on what I know excites and thrills me, and I will always work as hard as I can to give you everything I can.

The course is Shoot Products Like A Pro, with me Phil Sills, and I’m really happy you are getting involved.

Shoot Products Like A Pro with Phil Sills - Online Product Photography Course.
Shoot Products Like A Pro with Phil Sills - Online Product Photography Course. Divers Watch.

My Obsession with Photography

My love of shooting products started when I first discovered a dark room whilst still at school. I taught myself how to shoot and print. I had no idea what I was doing but I was always so excited about producing photographs that it soon became all I wanted to do.

I went on to do a degree in Photography at college. Laughably, my portrait and fashion shots were pretty bad, so it was a huge relief to find my creative muse in the form of the inanimate object. I quickly became addicted to exploring the best way to light something as simple as the humble potato! I loved finding what it took to see an object in new ways. That obsession led me into the world of commercial product photography. Watch my interview Article here!

How Did I get Here?

My professional journey started with still life, then I moved into shooting cars. While my first child was being born, I spent three months in Belgium shooting for Lexus. It was a great gig, but you can imagine how well it went down with my wife…Luckily, she knew what it meant to me, so I got off lightly! CG took over in the car industry, but rather than pursue computer graphics at that time, I decided to stick with my burning passion – photography.

I refocused on two challenging areas of the product marketplace – Drinks and Technology. I landed a contract with Bowers and Wilkins, the UK high end audio manufacturer, shooting speakers and tech for them. Since then, I’ve worked with multiple audio and tech brands to create their product shots, both in the studio and on location. Drinks photography was a great move that really helped me focus and build on my skills, working for advertising agencies and directly with clients. I have shot a TV commercial for Emirates Airlines and been increasingly involved with the world of moving image.

My future photography career is all about embracing technology in image making and owning how to collaborate with others to provide the best visual solutions I can for a client. I always have loved image creation and always will.

If you wish to view my work, please go to my website.

Shoot Products Like A Pro with Phil Sills - Online Product Photography Course. Hifi Speaker
Shoot Products Like A Pro with Phil Sills - Online Product Photography Course. Rose Time-lapse

So Why Tell You all This?

I’ve been shooting products for a long time, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have made a great career out of it. Nothing has been easy, however persistence and determination at improving my work has got me here talking to you today.

I want my my life learning to help you get what you want. It is not necessary for you to have to spend huge amounts of time learning everything or to spend huge amounts of money in the process. If you know what you want to achieve, it doesn’t have to take that long at all, or cost that much…I can help you do this. The course is designed to build from the bottom up, creating a real and strong foundation of knowledge that will kick start your own photographic journey

I wish you all the very best, and hopefully we can get to meet on the forum very soon.

To your success!

Phil Sills

Are you ready to be an amazing product photographer?

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To your success, Phil Sills