Free Articles Visual Communication in Practice

Visual Communication in Practice

Visual Language in Practice. Have you seen PS Top Tip Session 4? This article supports that session where we discuss the topic of talking visually through images. What should we be aware of to make us better communicators? Watch both of these articles to improve your visual language skills

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Free Articles Interview with Phil Sills

Interview with Phil Sills

Trust fulfils a big role in helping us choose where and how we interact online. I want to ensure you know as much about me and my product photography course and tuition as you can.  Then you can make educated decisions about whether you want to join me and this community.

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Free Articles Subscription Service for Shoot Products Like A Pro

Introducing the Subscription Service

Shoot Products Like A Pro can now be accessed via subscription as well as a one-off payment. To help you the member decide what you want every month we have 2 subscription levels. Full Membership gets you access to everything, and the Tutorial level gives you the articles page.

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