Professional Product Photography Workshops

High Level Training, One to One Programmes

You already know that businesses who sell products need:

    • Quality stand out images
    • Images that add value to the marketing message and product positioning.
    • In-house image creation that is reliable and consistent
    • The ability to create high-quality images profitably and efficiently.
    • Photographs that are fit for purpose.


Shoot Products Like A Pro with Phil Sills - Online Product Photography Course. Guinness Shot.

What I can offer you:

Watch this Masterclass to see what it is like to be trained by me! Click here

Workshop Details - What you need to know

The training packages consist of two one-day workshops. You can do either or both.

As part of what we give you, we video the workshop and supply a simple cut down record of the important learning stages and key techniques and approaches. This coupled with a written review of the day offers a comprehensive way of recapping the learning ensuring maximum benefit and value.

Workshop 1

This workshop teaches a system for the photographer to understand step by step how to tackle and create high level and challenging visual images.

Reinforcing and enhancing the techniques and approaches from the online course, this day is all about practical hands on shooting. 

This system teaches the workflow necessary to professionally manage the shooting process from start to finish.


Workshop 2

What does your business need?

This day truly extends the learning and capability of the photographer specifically in relation to the work produced for the business.

Full emersion in the established processes and workflows will enable us to fine-tune the system to produce the best quality product photography possible for that situation and business.

Practical on site learning helps us lock that development in, ensuring maximum benefit for the business.


Free Online Pre-Training

Both workshops come with 30 days of free access to the online course, learning material and membership benefits of Shoot Products Like A Pro. This is so the attendee’s are fully ready for higher level practical skills. Full understanding of the essential principles and foundation of my teaching are found in the online material.


Where can the workshops take place?

Training can be done at the studio in GL7 3RB, or on site at your location. Remote delivery can be discussed, however face to face is best. The location of the training should be considered carefully; 

  • Should the need be general photographic training then my studio is a great place to deliver this. The Workshop 1  is perfectly geared towards providing you with this result.
  • If you would like the specific Workshop 2, there are benefits for having this at your shooting location. The space will be relevant to the creative output and we can work with the actual set up and available kit aspects on site, as well as on the skills needed to get the best out of them.
  • If we decide on a two day workshop, I feel this could be best delivered on-site, in the space that your images are created. 
  • Remote training is possible from my studio, with specific zoom calls booked for session times plus remote video operation.

Bowers and Wilkins P7 Carbon Headphones by Phil Sills

Workshop 1 sees us working through the full process from start to finish on how to achieve this classic photograph that I created for one of my clients. The complexity of the final image will be broken down into small chunks that enable us to see the system that underlies every great image.

(If you want to focus your training on something else, Workshop 2 may be best to consider)

Morning Session 

9am to 12.30pm 

45 minutes Introduction

-break is at 10.15 am for 20 minutes-

-lunch is at 12.30pm for 45 minutes-

Afternoon Session

1.15 pm to 4.45 pm 

-break is at 2.30pm for 20 minutes-

-small break at 3.50 pm for 10 minutes-

4.45 pm to 5.30pm Q&A, Debrief of the days achievements

Session 1

9am – 10.15am Get clarity on what you want to achieve & shoot planning


Session 2

10.45am – 12.45pm Get set-up, working through in real time the process of the photography approach and decision making


Session 3

1.30pm – 3pm Finessing and polishing the image! We’ll work together to find the ultimate look and feel for your product. How can we improve our result?


Session 4

3.20pm – 4.30pm Post production and applying photoshop methods to style and enhance the final image.

4.30pm – 5.30pm Q&A and Debrief of the days achievements

NOTE: To have a successful workshop 2 requires the photographer(s) to have good basic knowledge of set-up and lighting – Not sure what to do?  Give me a call and we can talk it through.

Workshop 1

  • My one-on-one dedicated training time at my studio
  • Pre-training of online course material
  • Assistant helper and Cameraman – we record everything for you.
  • Post-course de-brief and suggested action document. We want to continue to serve even after the workshop has finished.
  • Continental breakfast, snacks, teas, coffee’s and selection of cold drinks available all day, if at the studio
  • Free Parking if at the studio

Cost £ 1137

Workshop 2

Included in this package price are:

  • My one-on-one focused and specific training 
  • Pre-training of online course material
  • Assistant helper and Cameraman – we record everything for you
  • Post-course de-brief and suggested action document. We want to continue to serve even after the workshop has finished.
  • Continental breakfast, snacks, teas, coffee’s and selection of cold drinks available all day, if at my studio.
  • Free Parking if at my studio.

Cost £ 1277

** 2 DAY SPECIAL DEAL  IS £ 1974 **  Book both workshops at the same time to lock in this price.

Accommodation, travel and subsistence costs for myself and assistant will be in addition to the package prices if the workshop is to be delivered at your location. These can be agreed as part of the confirmation process.

A buffet lunch of £15 per person in addition to the package prices can be provided if training is at the studio.  If there are any special dietary needs, please let me know. This can be allowed for as part of the confirmation process.

  • Help and assistance in organising accommodation and evening meals if attendees are visiting my studio and staying locally will be given if requested.

How Do You Get The Training?

We will discuss what specifically your business wants to master on-top of the existing online course content.

As we understanding more about what solutions can help remedy your image production challenges, I can confirm the final course package, cost and timeline.

The simple steps to be taken to action your training are:

    • A Consultation, online or via a call, to ascertain your exact requirements. 
    • Agreement of the 1 or 2 day workshop content.
    • Location for the training – Decisions made.
    • Book in the date of the workshop.
    • Pre-workshop, online learning access given. 
    • Complete the Workshop! 
    • Debrief and support

Booking details and terms here